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You need to take the time to understand principals of music in order to apply them to your objects of learning more songs. Taking your songs and learning them note by note is the sure way to a long drawn out process with negative return on invested time. Learning the principals and applying them to […]

Learning your music fast doesn’t mean speeding up the process, it’s slowing down in order to absorb the information and studying in a away that speeds learning.

It is not practice, it is rehearsal of music that makes the difference in performance ability. Why you need a new mindset.

I was once asked about learning songs fast and how can I better memorize them. It is one of those questions that students pose to teachers either verbally or indirectly as a new beginner.

I was considering the needs of students issues in learning music the other day. So at while I was at the studio for my daughters lessons (no I don’t teach my daughter directly, there are too many issues with the daughter-father relationship to be effective) but I digress. I asked the students and teachers what […]

Announcing new hands on Music Theory Course for the beginner to intermediate student. Learn enough in one year to take you to advanced levels.

Interview of Donna Cercone on teaching and learning music. Why music theory is so important.

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