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Today, an example of how applied music theory, in practice, pays off. In three weeks I’ll be performing for my father’s 80th birthday. Of course I’d pull out a couple of songs that I am very proficient in playing to see if they fit the mark. But then I have been thrown a curve ball!

The approach and attack one applies to the striking the keys on the piano can make all the difference in the world to the sound that is produced.

Getting Sheet Music is fairly easy today on the web, however, some sites stand out as better than others. Virtual Sheet Music is one I recommend.

The three most popular chords usually refers to the three major chords of the diatonic major harmonic system. Don’t let that scare you, it’s a lot of big words to describe the major chords used in any major key signature.

Have you ever asked:How do I stop procrastinating and just practice the music elements I need to study?I’ve just relearned a technique It’s called an accountability buddy.

There is a phenomenon that occurs when learning music that takes place over time. The excitement of the new beginner is fantastic and then slowly as one learns more and more and hears others play the fear of performing for others starts to set in.

Learning music five times faster is about learning how to learn and putting known methods into practice, pun intended.

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