Once you’ve learned the basic melody types of skipping and stepping to create melodies you move on to which scale to use. This involves using more than just a basic major or minor scale and moving into new choices.

Writing Music is a dream of many musicians, Guest Author and Composer-Teacher, Bob Reno talks to us about writing music and music theory. Read more…

Improvising is often thought of as the ultimate creative objective. However, starting within a framework or structure is where most improvising takes place. Taking the opposites of structure/rules and creativity and working them together is the objective of the musician and music student. Some thoughts on how to accomplish this goal…

Video and pdf summarizing the Christmas Song arrangement by stepping through series covered over the last couple of months. Enjoy..

Using music theory in arrangements, part 9 finishes up the initial 4 measures by finishing the secondary melody line.

Part 8. continuing to arrange the Christmas Song treble clef with the addition of more chord notes.

In part 7 of arranging the Christmas song I’ve taken a departure from the smooth bass line initially created. This is going to add a whole new dynamic to this part of the song. Let’s take a look…

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