New eBook called “How to Write Songs that Sell”. I’ve been reading through his materials and applying them to some of my ideas and I’m finding some very useful ideas and tools for helping me with my songwriting. Lyrical or Instrumental you will find a songwriting helper here.

Every singer needs good breath control, right? But what IS breath control? And what does it mean to sing from the diaphragm? To begin with, you can NOT literally sing from the diaphragm because it’s an involuntary muscle that you can’t contract consciously. However, the diaphragm is analogous to holding a full balloon in between […]

Good, supported breathing is critical for polished singing. Proper breathing is crucial for maintaining good tone and pitch in singing, and is vital in following marked dynamics and phrasing.

Music theory and singing are not exclusive, but mutually dependent. There are are number of theory and techniques that must be learned in order to be good at singing. There are a couple of resources that should be considered when deciding to go on with these pursuits.

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