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If you play music, you make mistakes. Guaranteed. I know because I’ve studied singing for twenty-plus years. I also know singers who weren’t given the right guidance about how to productively deal with mistakes and gave up in frustration and discouragement. No matter what instrument you play, I’m writing this post to help you make […]

Mastering the art of playing an instrument takes time and commitment. Despite what anyone tells you, the only way to get there is to practice regularly and dedicate yourself to a bit of good old hard work. Many people who are new to playing guitar struggle with their practice routines and usually this is down […]

I got an interesting tip the other day on how a student was having a difficult time trying to study.   Here’s what was happening. This student had a preconceived notion that they need to take an hour to study the music theory content. That thought alone was holding her back from actually accomplishing anything […]

Many of us have aspirations of learning a new skill, only to see them delayed when everyday life gets in the way. How many of us have set out with strong intentions to learn a new musical instrument, but then got distracted because we had to spend more hours at the office, or had to […]

Often past experiences stop us from learning music. Here are some awareness and steps to take to restart the music.

Rhythm is a weak point for many musicians. This is especially true when you don’t play music for awhile. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for new students is the time value of notes and how long they are held. Let’s explore.

Music students getting back to music ask serious questions about learning music, here are a few ideas to help explore those questions.

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