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 Lyrical and bouncy; sharp and mellow; sweet, plaintive and joyous: Strings can beautifully convey each of these, and this is why they are the heart of any orchestra. In the hands of a master performer, a stringed instrument can make you giggle one minute and weep the next. The flexibility and range of these instruments […]

This just in: people are still buying physical music scores and playing tunes on actual pianos. You heard it here first. They’re not downloading it (well, some are, but shhh) and playing it on their iPad, they’re actively opening a book, sitting down at a piano and getting stuck in. The world is in shock. […]

As someone with experience in music myself, I know a lot of people who have tried to break into the music scene. Some have made great strides toward earning a record deal, or performing at some seriously impressive venues during their careers. While I haven’t known people to achieve Madonna-like levels of fame, there is […]

In recent times, I got some interesting questions on music sightreading techniques and the blend it delivers for enhancing better music learning and playing. Here, I will be sharing some of the key notes of music sightreading with you all. Practicing or rehearsing on the sheet music for an orchestra, band, or a solo performance […]

I was asked how I approach improvisation of music the other day. I explained that it really takes on various forms depending on mood, intent, and objectives. However, I do find that some of the best efforts come from just sitting down and letting go. The other day on a late summer day evening I […]

The study of music theory allows you to put emotion into your playing. What a bold statement! Let me explain.

Approaching the Piano or keyboard. Some teach that the high wrist and holding your hands up is the way to start however, others believe that a relaxed light resting of the hands at the keyboard is the way to go. Here’s a couple of ideas to help you explore your approach.

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