Mastering the art of playing an instrument takes time and commitment. Despite what anyone tells you, the only way to get there is to practice regularly and dedicate yourself to a bit of good old hard work. Many people who are new to playing guitar struggle with their practice routines and usually this is down […]

Many of us have aspirations of learning a new skill, only to see them delayed when everyday life gets in the way. How many of us have set out with strong intentions to learn a new musical instrument, but then got distracted because we had to spend more hours at the office, or had to […]

Have you ever asked:How do I stop procrastinating and just practice the music elements I need to study?I’ve just relearned a technique It’s called an accountability buddy.

The last consideration in goal setting is to understand that your strategies, tactics, and goals need to be flexible. We all know that nothing is consistent except for change itself. Staying on course and going down the right road requires us to adapt to changing circumstances.

Frame your goals in positive terms, negative terms are self defeating and plant seeds for failure. More…

One of the hardest to deal with is giving goals deadlines, or realistic due dates, or even the the novel concept of a payoff.

New music goals selected, now you need to get specific about the music goal; the more specific the better. Start a framework for getting very specific about learning your goal. Example…

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