performing music

Preparing for a Singing Contest? You’re probably thinking, what do I need to do to be totally ready to compete and win? First, you want to ask yourself: What type of contest is it? Are you going to be judged on your popularity or on the quality of your singing? If it’s a popularity contest, bring lots of friends.

There is a phenomenon that occurs when learning music that takes place over time. The excitement of the new beginner is fantastic and then slowly as one learns more and more and hears others play the fear of performing for others starts to set in.

I’m not going to go into a long dissertation on this, but the bottom line is that music is an optional vocation. Music is an extra, a gift of leisure if you will. It’s totally a voluntary effort. That’s why it takes effort to engage and learn music. It’s easy to put off practicing and learning, because there are no real consequences.

I’ve taken the steps from applied music theory, implemented practice method, and polishing for performance, now for the critique.

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