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If you play music, you make mistakes. Guaranteed. I know because I’ve studied singing for twenty-plus years. I also know singers who weren’t given the right guidance about how to productively deal with mistakes and gave up in frustration and discouragement. No matter what instrument you play, I’m writing this post to help you make […]

There was once a band, and the band wrote some of the most famous and best loved songs ever to grace the airwaves of British radio. The band was Queen, the songs included We Will Rock You and Radio Ga Ga, and they ruled the charts for more than a decade. Then there was a […]

This just in: people are still buying physical music scores and playing tunes on actual pianos. You heard it here first. They’re not downloading it (well, some are, but shhh) and playing it on their iPad, they’re actively opening a book, sitting down at a piano and getting stuck in. The world is in shock. […]

Good, supported breathing is critical for polished singing. Proper breathing is crucial for maintaining good tone and pitch in singing, and is vital in following marked dynamics and phrasing.

As you study and learn music there comes a time that you cross the tipping point. That is, all of a sudden you find yourself playing or grasping a concept with ease. I have recently observed this happening with my daughter’s playing of the piano. Over the last several months I would be in my […]

How to get local gigs So you have been rehearsing hard and are looking to make your way in the music industry as a professional band. Where to start? Becoming a proficient musician is all about working your way up. Some of the biggest stars have spent years developing their talent and learning the trade. […]

Continuing on the theme of musical emotion, I want to further explore the type of emotion conveyed. Again I’m considering the ideas of Victor Wooten in his book  "The Music Lesson". [asa]0425220931[/asa] Musical Emotion Types Victor’s friend relates to us that there are three types emotion that music will convey. They are a neutral or […]

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