note symbols

As music teachers, most of us have had to start from scratch with new students, teaching note names, grand staff navigation, line and space patterns, and the connections between notation and sound.

Beginning students want to quickly sight read for rhythm and note combination on music scores. However, it takes a little time to get the pieces together to achieve this skill. Two Approaches There are a couple of approaches to getting this skill mastered. One is to have a mentor show you how this is done […]

Learning to read music takes understanding of a basic framework. Music is a language that can be understood in mathematical relationships that convey several meanings. The note itself conveys two simple aspects and is the place we start to learn to read music.

Once you know the notes it becomes second nature and going back to the basic idea of notes to explain to the new student requires being able to get to the real basic ideas. Here is a general explanation or overview of the note concept. I find it to be a bit basic yet complicated to simplify the concept.

Proper use and understanding of sharp and flat symbols is essential for playing music. These modifiers can and are a problem for new students.

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