Music Theory

Let’s look at what I decided to do and why I might chose some of the bass notes. Remember that this exercise is to explore music and the theory and that there are choices that you may or may not like. Exploring more …

Adding base lines and 7th intervals to a piece of fake music is a straight forward step in arranging or composing your own music. In this session we do that for our song.

Arranging and composing your own music can be the most frustrating or fulfilling thing you might try in music. This series will explore using music theory to help you through that process. Part 1 …

The intent of the Music Learning Workshop and Blog is to provide music theory to help others learn music faster and with more understanding.

Two types of Piano Scale Patterns can be used in defining your ability to play the scales. We discuss math and physical location.

Music Theory Course is only offered digitally at this time. Printing costs are currently prohibitive to keep it economical. Potentially in future we can make it available hard copy.

Major and Perfect Intervals are confusing students. Perfect Intervals are major intervals put not all major intervals are called perfect. They are based on the major Scale….

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