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Flashy Music Techniques can mask or hide poor music performance. It might look good when you are visually doing something well, but the underlying performance may not be up to snuff. Quickest way to find out: Close your eyes and listen; you may quickly find out that the flashy music technique is nothing more than […]

Improving music technique is to be able to groove without concentrating. That means you have adequately learned the technique that it becomes secondary to your playing. I’ve considered this idea as presented in Victor Wooten’s book “The Music Lesson” and I’m expressing a way to understand and actually improve music technique. [asa]0425220931[/asa] Concentrating is the […]

Tuning into music technique is the ability to remove all noise and chaos from your focus and tune into what we want to receive. This is a part of a theme that I am going to expand on and as enlightened by Victor Wooten in his book “The Music Lesson”. [asa]0425220931[/asa] Playing Music Is Built […]

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