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Every singer needs good breath control, right? But what IS breath control? And what does it mean to sing from the diaphragm? To begin with, you can NOT literally sing from the diaphragm because it’s an involuntary muscle that you can’t contract consciously. However, the diaphragm is analogous to holding a full balloon in between […]

With the rise in popularity of electronic music in recently music production software companies are offering their products at much cheaper prices. Just about anyone can produce music in their home now with ease and just a little bit of knowledge of how it works. MIDI Files One of the main components of producing electronic […]

I sat down to play the piano this weekend and realized that I haven’t really played anything of significance in the last 3 months. My hands felt like they were iron claws with no ability to move to the desired notes or chords which I wanted to play. Yes, my travel schedule and primary work […]

Music emotion has been my subject of interest lately and has made me reflect on over the past years of how the musician adds emotion to the music. As expressed before this reflection has been coming form my reading of "The Music Lesson" by Victor Wooten. [asa]0425220931[/asa] The Struggle of Music Emotion One of the […]

The mysterious idea of music emotion comes up from time to time when musicians and teachers talk about playing music for an audience. his is intriguing, when I was learning to express my music during my classical study time we were talked a lot about the feel of the music and interpretation of the melody or artist’s intent.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve sit down to play my piano and felt totally inept. I start to play and there I am so out of practice and mentally unprepared that I walk get up and walk away. So why am I talking about this today?

Think about the great music performances you have seen. What is it about these performances that inspire you? One of them is bound to be the ease with which the musicians play their instruments or sing. When music flows effortlessly there is room for feeling and communication. Sometimes artists make the playing of music look […]

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