Music Principals

Learning to read music takes understanding of a basic framework. Music is a language that can be understood in mathematical relationships that convey several meanings. The note itself conveys two simple aspects and is the place we start to learn to read music.

I was once asked about learning songs fast and how can I better memorize them. It is one of those questions that students pose to teachers either verbally or indirectly as a new beginner.

Announcing new hands on Music Theory Course for the beginner to intermediate student. Learn enough in one year to take you to advanced levels.

Getting the new Music Theory Course completed and ready for promotion I ran into some snags with a video review of the content. So today I’m bringing you two more videos of my interview with Donna Cercone.

A discussion on how and what music intervals mean. It’s related to the major scale and is essential in understanding if you truly want to be a good musician.

Insights into gaining music knowledge and impressions of students that learn music need consideration in teaching and learning. Understanding effort and knowledge may be a better key to overcoming these impressions.

Learning principals of music is a must, however, picking up a book at the bookstore that does all the work for you is not enough. You have to do more and apply more to be able to easily and quickly learn music theory.

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