Music Principals

Learning to read music is a like learning a new language. There are supplemental home study programs to speed up the process of learning music. Here are some suggestions.

Rhythm is not only about working with notes played, but also about notes not played. These are called rests. That is you take a break from playing and allow silence to enter into your playing. Let’s explore.

Music theory skills book the “Materials of Music” to teach music concepts with tested and proven material used in the classroom over several years.

Thinking about introducing a new piece of music? In teaching you often have an agenda or are helping a student learn a piece that he or she has requested. New pieces are great ways to teach new concepts, but you need to be careful and avoid introducing too much at once. Guest Blogger Maria Rainier explains.

When learning music, one of the biggest issues is how you retain what you learn. This isn’t the memorization issue; it’s about understanding and retaining the principles and rules used to define music and other studies.

Video and pdf summarizing the Christmas Song arrangement by stepping through series covered over the last couple of months. Enjoy..

Using music theory in arrangements, part 9 finishes up the initial 4 measures by finishing the secondary melody line.

Featured Music Resources

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