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Most people are introduced to a stopwatch as a way to track time spent doing drills for sports or exercise, but you can also time drills when you are learning to play an instrument. A stopwatch can be used for tracking the entire time you spend practicing each day as well as the time you […]

Every instrument has unique technique and use when learning music; but, basic music theory concepts remain the same. Student ask how’s it different. The question of Learning Music as expressed is that they are interested in how their instrument is different in technique and approach.

I sat down to play the piano this weekend and realized that I haven’t really played anything of significance in the last 3 months. My hands felt like they were iron claws with no ability to move to the desired notes or chords which I wanted to play. Yes, my travel schedule and primary work […]

Think about the great music performances you have seen. What is it about these performances that inspire you? One of them is bound to be the ease with which the musicians play their instruments or sing. When music flows effortlessly there is room for feeling and communication. Sometimes artists make the playing of music look […]

Studied music theory and initial practice, I’m going to look at bringing a song up to a polished condition and performance worthy.

Now that I understand the structure and flow of the song I need to move into stage two and that is to connect all the pieces or my practice chunks of the song.

Today, an example of how applied music theory, in practice, pays off. In three weeks I’ll be performing for my father’s 80th birthday. Of course I’d pull out a couple of songs that I am very proficient in playing to see if they fit the mark. But then I have been thrown a curve ball!

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