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You need to take the time to understand principals of music in order to apply them to your objects of learning more songs. Taking your songs and learning them note by note is the sure way to a long drawn out process with negative return on invested time. Learning the principals and applying them to […]

Learning your music fast doesn’t mean speeding up the process, it’s slowing down in order to absorb the information and studying in a away that speeds learning.

I was once asked about learning songs fast and how can I better memorize them. It is one of those questions that students pose to teachers either verbally or indirectly as a new beginner.

Sharing Music Knowledge is Not Enough I struggle with the teachers philosophy that we can exchange a few words and knowledge to the student and expect results. It seems to me, a muddling through of the study and practice time is more the case than the exception. We work with them and try to stir […]

Does this technique of ownership get you to the expected outcome? Are you relying on your teacher to much to help you achieve your goals? Do you let them produce an outcome or are you taking the lead and determining your own outcomes? Today I submit to you that the final outcomes of our learning […]

A discussion on how and what music intervals mean. It’s related to the major scale and is essential in understanding if you truly want to be a good musician.

Insights into gaining music knowledge and impressions of students that learn music need consideration in teaching and learning. Understanding effort and knowledge may be a better key to overcoming these impressions.

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