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Traditionally, transcription has been the preeminent, “go-to” way of becoming a great improviser, and one of the most effective ways of learning the language of music. There are undoubtedly many of the great living musicians and improvisers that have never done a transcription in their life, and there’s something pure about that. Though, for the […]

The mysterious idea of music emotion comes up from time to time when musicians and teachers talk about playing music for an audience. his is intriguing, when I was learning to express my music during my classical study time we were talked a lot about the feel of the music and interpretation of the melody or artist’s intent.

I was asked how I approach improvisation of music the other day. I explained that it really takes on various forms depending on mood, intent, and objectives. However, I do find that some of the best efforts come from just sitting down and letting go. The other day on a late summer day evening I […]

Here in the U.S. the school year is over and summer is here again, everyone is in break mode. It’s hard to keep wanting to practice or study anything as we get outside and enjoy the sun and fun.

One of the most fascinating factors in learning music is progressing from absorption of concepts and principals into experimentation mode. Trying these concepts will help you learn faster.

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