Learning Music

As I look back on my efforts with this blog, I’m a little disappointed in that I have not received a great deal of feedback or commentary. It appears that there is really only a few that are interested in these subjects. Although the ezine list is hovering around the 300 subscribers area only about 15 to 20% are taking time to click through and read or scan the posts.

One of the most fascinating factors in learning music is progressing from absorption of concepts and principals into experimentation mode. Trying these concepts will help you learn faster.

The intent of the Music Learning Workshop and Blog is to provide music theory to help others learn music faster and with more understanding.

Announcing new hands on Music Theory Course for the beginner to intermediate student. Learn enough in one year to take you to advanced levels.

Sharing Music Knowledge is Not Enough I struggle with the teachers philosophy that we can exchange a few words and knowledge to the student and expect results. It seems to me, a muddling through of the study and practice time is more the case than the exception. We work with them and try to stir […]

Does this technique of ownership get you to the expected outcome? Are you relying on your teacher to much to help you achieve your goals? Do you let them produce an outcome or are you taking the lead and determining your own outcomes? Today I submit to you that the final outcomes of our learning […]

Studying music without and instrument is possible and suggested. Just because you don’t have an instrument in front of you doesn’t mean you can’t study, there are a number of things you can do.

Featured Music Resources

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