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Every instrument has unique technique and use when learning music; but, basic music theory concepts remain the same. Student ask how’s it different. The question of Learning Music as expressed is that they are interested in how their instrument is different in technique and approach.

A 3 part series on Why music Education is Changing – Part 1 of 3 This series of articles talks about the needs and desires of today’s music student, which are entirely different from the needs that our music education system was designed to satisfy. This fundamental disconnect is already causing profound changes, and these […]

Practicing music is vital to becoming an expert or a least enjoying what music has to offer, however, you may not hove 4 or 5 hours a day to practice music. In order to get the most out of your practice sessions you need to think efficiency. By doing this you will eliminate wasted time. […]

In recent times, I got some interesting questions on music sightreading techniques and the blend it delivers for enhancing better music learning and playing. Here, I will be sharing some of the key notes of music sightreading with you all. Practicing or rehearsing on the sheet music for an orchestra, band, or a solo performance […]

Recently I got some very difficult questions on learning music and it was hard to give a direct answers. Today I’ll share a little of that with you. My impression is that the age of instant gratification is creating a frustration with the new generation of musicians that have yet to understand that music is a life long journey.

Often past experiences stop us from learning music. Here are some awareness and steps to take to restart the music.

Here at the Music Learning Workshop we focus on music theory and not so much on technique. Our premise is that learning music theory as fast as you can allows you to focus on playing and technique. But what about the musicianship? I recently watch this video of Evelyn Glennie shows us how to listen […]

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