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It is not practice, it is rehearsal of music that makes the difference in performance ability. Why you need a new mindset.

Announcing new hands on Music Theory Course for the beginner to intermediate student. Learn enough in one year to take you to advanced levels.

Interview of Donna Cercone on teaching and learning music. Why music theory is so important.

Insights into gaining music knowledge and impressions of students that learn music need consideration in teaching and learning. Understanding effort and knowledge may be a better key to overcoming these impressions.

Music practice hurdle, is it hard to spend all that time practicing. Yes, it can be a burden when what you’d rather be doing is playing with the neighbor or getting out on the golf course. Scheduling and planning can make a difference.

The statement that learning piano is hard comes up a lot. Actually you hear this from time to time about every instrument. But why are these students actually making such statements? Let’s speculate about the issues that may be contributing to learning a musical instrument of any type. First and foremost in my mind is […]

It is interesting that we have such a love of music and for many of us it’s easy to listen to the radio and download our favorite song for a buck, but when it comes to playing or creating our own music it’s a whole different world. Why do you want to learn?

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