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Kenny Werner Workshop and concert was a great opportunity to revisit the playing vs practicing concept and to reestablish a mindset of learning music. Every musician should pick up this book. Having sat in on the live workshop and program has given me new motivation and causing me to think about the study and art of music playing again.

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Over the years I’ve been exposed to sitting in on the tail end of many students lessons and have observed what they were learning. These occurrences allowed for a new educational experience. It gave me an ability to learn music by only thinking and not implementing.

Learning to read music takes understanding of a basic framework. Music is a language that can be understood in mathematical relationships that convey several meanings. The note itself conveys two simple aspects and is the place we start to learn to read music.

Learning your music fast doesn’t mean speeding up the process, it’s slowing down in order to absorb the information and studying in a away that speeds learning.

I was considering the needs of students issues in learning music the other day. So at while I was at the studio for my daughters lessons (no I don’t teach my daughter directly, there are too many issues with the daughter-father relationship to be effective) but I digress. I asked the students and teachers what […]

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