extended chords

When playing arpeggios I find this is the first place I lose my dexterity and skill when I don’t take the time to keep up on them. Here a couple of techniques to improve your practice.

Introduce basic jazz chord voicing ideas. These fundamental ideas are principles you can use to spend a life time of mastering voicing chords.

Once you’ve learned basic chord structure you will begin to enter the realm of chord voicing, which is how to you use chord notes in various combinations and reordered to create a different sound using the same chord or scale notes.

Video and pdf summarizing the Christmas Song arrangement by stepping through series covered over the last couple of months. Enjoy..

Using music theory in arrangements, part 9 finishes up the initial 4 measures by finishing the secondary melody line.

Part 8. continuing to arrange the Christmas Song treble clef with the addition of more chord notes.

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