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Being music-minded when you’re writing lyrics can prevent your lyrics from sounding wordy. Wordy lyrics can negatively affect your melody. For that reason, I want to address how you can write lyrics that can easily be sung in a melody. The Spoken Rhythm The rhythm of a line happens as a result of a pattern […]

More ideas on adding rock accompaniment and voicing seventh chords to a song and your melody.

Waltz Accompaniment Example. Once you’ve decided on the voicing you want to use chord change to change you also going to have to decide on the rhythmic pattern that you will be using with the song. This is the style or type of feel you are going to give the song.

Video and pdf summarizing the Christmas Song arrangement by stepping through series covered over the last couple of months. Enjoy..

Using music theory in arrangements, part 9 finishes up the initial 4 measures by finishing the secondary melody line.

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