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Notice: Guest Blogging at Music Learning Workshop

I have enjoyed the many guest bloggers here at MLW, however, due to the Google changes and the inability to comprehend their algorithm on back linking, I'm no longer going to be able to accept guest bloggers where I offered a do follow back-link in exchange for quality content.

Google has made it impossible for me to provide a platform of information based on using outside authors and reward them with appropriate link juice. This is unfortunate as many of you gave some very good education and information when it related to learning music.

The manual actions taken by Google were in my opinion completely off base. But in order to at least allow this blog to regain some ranking and provide the content the following actions were taken.

All external linking is now “nofollow”. (I can't determine what was considered appropriate or not.) Thanks for not making it easy Google.

If your previously submitted article was not within the frame of music education I deleted it so as to narrow the theme of the site. I can only assume that the Google mentality is punishing us for trying to broaden our focus into related subjects.

I am sorry it has come to this, but I have neither the time nor the will to promote this site via other methods and rely on the search engines.

I'll still consider guest submissions, but they must be highly themed to music education and any back-link will be “nofollow”.

Thanks for your continued support,

Brad Chidester

Music Learning Workshop

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