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I’ve been on a kick lately about music rhythm and today I’m going to compare it to yoga rhythm. I practice in a couple of different hot yoga classes on a weekly basis. The typical class goes 90 minutes with each pose done twice. My early morning class are shortened classes for us working class […]

Focusing on Rhythm will be a life time effort as a musician. I don’t think that you ever stop improving your rhythm skills. In playing and learning music a vast majority of musicians struggle with timing, especially when playing solo. Once again I’m reading “The Music Lesson” by Victor Wooten and the chapter topic is […]

The study of music theory allows you to put emotion into your playing. What a bold statement! Let me explain.

Rhythm is not only about working with notes played, but also about notes not played. These are called rests. That is you take a break from playing and allow silence to enter into your playing. Let’s explore.

Rhythm is a weak point for many musicians. This is especially true when you don’t play music for awhile. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for new students is the time value of notes and how long they are held. Let’s explore.

In music trying to modulate from one point or chord to another or from one key to another is simply stated as a progression through chords to arrive at the desired location. Easier said than done for those of us that haven’t taken the time to understand or study the concept. There are numerous ways […]

Music theory skills book the “Materials of Music” to teach music concepts with tested and proven material used in the classroom over several years.

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