Music Technique

In this section we post articles for methods and ideas on how you can use to improve your playing music technique.

I sat down to play the piano this weekend and realized that I haven’t really played anything of significance in the last 3 months. My hands felt like they were iron claws with no ability to move to the desired notes or chords which I wanted to play. Yes, my travel schedule and primary work […]

I’ve been on a kick lately about music rhythm and today I’m going to compare it to yoga rhythm. I practice in a couple of different hot yoga classes on a weekly basis. The typical class goes 90 minutes with each pose done twice. My early morning class are shortened classes for us working class […]

I can’t recall how many times I’ve sit down to play my piano and felt totally inept. I start to play and there I am so out of practice and mentally unprepared that I walk get up and walk away. So why am I talking about this today?

Think about the great music performances you have seen. What is it about these performances that inspire you? One of them is bound to be the ease with which the musicians play their instruments or sing. When music flows effortlessly there is room for feeling and communication. Sometimes artists make the playing of music look […]

Music and passion and helping others realize there passion. On my path of finding what others do with music and learning. Benjamin Zander talks to us about our music passions and loving classical music. (21 minutes of fun)

Here at the Music Learning Workshop we focus on music theory and not so much on technique. Our premise is that learning music theory as fast as you can allows you to focus on playing and technique. But what about the musicianship? I recently watch this video of Evelyn Glennie shows us how to listen […]

Rhythm is a weak point for many musicians. This is especially true when you don’t play music for awhile. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for new students is the time value of notes and how long they are held. Let’s explore.

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