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In this section we post articles for methods and ideas on how you can use to improve your playing music technique.

Legato is a term that you will hear a lot once you start getting into lead guitar playing, but what exactly does it mean? Well, it literally means ‘tied together’ and it indicates that notes should be played smoothly, with no gap or silence between them, so that one note leads directly onto the next. […]

Any sincere and talented guitarist will tell you that if you pick that instrument with the sole intention of looking cool, you’re never quite going to make the cut. Dedication, sincerity, creativity and the willingness to endure pain for the greater good are the qualities that separate the masters from the wannabes. That and five […]

Every singer needs good breath control, right? But what IS breath control? And what does it mean to sing from the diaphragm? To begin with, you can NOT literally sing from the diaphragm because it’s an involuntary muscle that you can’t contract consciously. However, the diaphragm is analogous to holding a full balloon in between […]

Most people are introduced to a stopwatch as a way to track time spent doing drills for sports or exercise, but you can also time drills when you are learning to play an instrument. A stopwatch can be used for tracking the entire time you spend practicing each day as well as the time you […]

Good, supported breathing is critical for polished singing. Proper breathing is crucial for maintaining good tone and pitch in singing, and is vital in following marked dynamics and phrasing.

As was mentioned briefly in the previous article, the tone of your voice can determine your success or failure in not only an audition but in your entire singing career. Tone is the quality of your vocal production, and, in general, can be explained on a spectrum from bright to dark. When you think bright, […]

There are five main aspects of singing which, if done correctly, will set you above the rest of the competition. These five singing devices are: diction, tone, breathing, dynamics and emotion.

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