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When it comes to music, a quality pair of headphones is one of the first things an aspiring artist should invest on. Forget about those cheap made headphones; instead invest on the best one. Earbuds and cheap, flimsy headphones may work fine for personal use while jogging or cleaning the house, but when going into […]

If you have recently acquired a piano then you’ll be excited about the prospect of your house being filled with music. No house should be without a piano in the lounge – they are great for children to learn on and provide much entertainment at parties. They are pretty easy to care for as long […]

Every guitarist knows that no matter how talented he or she is, there isn’t much they can do if they don’t have a high-quality axe. There have been a number of different guitars used by the greatest guitarists in the world. Here we highlight 3 of the most iconic guitars in rock and roll history […]

whether you’re buying a guitar to mess with on your own, or you’re purchasing your kid’s first band instrument, you can use these ten options to save money when buying what could be an expensive musical instrument

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