Ideas, thoughts, and tips on music teaching and learning methods.

Frame your goals in positive terms, negative terms are self defeating and plant seeds for failure. More…

One of the hardest to deal with is giving goals deadlines, or realistic due dates, or even the the novel concept of a payoff.

New music goals selected, now you need to get specific about the music goal; the more specific the better. Start a framework for getting very specific about learning your goal. Example…

Achievable Music Goals in the next step to build off the challenge choices of goal setting. One of the main stumbling blocks with goal setting is balancing an ambition with capability. It’s in the recognition of believing that the objective is achievable and in the ability of skill to get there.

Picking the right goal is about challenge and a balance of working within your capability and outside of your current accomplishments.

There is a phenomenon that occurs when learning music that takes place over time. The excitement of the new beginner is fantastic and then slowly as one learns more and more and hears others play the fear of performing for others starts to set in.

Learning music five times faster is about learning how to learn and putting known methods into practice, pun intended.

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