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Attention songwriters and those wanting to get started in songwriting! My friend, Anthony Ceseri, has just launched a new membership site for songwriters. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of his years of experience in studying songwriting. He will be pulling out the VERY BEST information he has to offer for those that […]

Whether it’s a kid who’s involved in a lot of high school sports and extra-curricular activities, or a liberal arts college that requires a wide range of general education classes, our society’s educational philosophy is one that promotes and often requires a high level of diversity. The idea is that through exposure to a variety […]

Gospel piano has such a rich flavor!  It exudes a spiritual emotion that, quite literally, stirs one’s soul with feelings of elation, spiritual conviction and praise.  Learning how to play gospel piano requires an understanding of the unique elements that set gospel music apart from all other genres.    There are certain Gospel chord progressions that […]

Four norms of jazz numbers (songs) that can be applied as basic knowledge to every song you wish to learn.

A continuation of 1-5… Enjoy! 6. Play with people! As obvious as this may be, for many, it may not be so… Many musicians are more than comfortable playing solo at home for ourselves, or our friends and family, but it is totally different when you play with another person (or a whole band). So […]

In every musicians development, regardless of experience, level of playing, style, or age, there is always more to learn and ways to improve.Many of us (if not all), at some point can get into a rut, or get creatively stifled. Whether or not you find your self in that situation, or just want to get […]

Being music-minded when you’re writing lyrics can prevent your lyrics from sounding wordy. Wordy lyrics can negatively affect your melody. For that reason, I want to address how you can write lyrics that can easily be sung in a melody. The Spoken Rhythm The rhythm of a line happens as a result of a pattern […]

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