Music Preformance

Music performance techniques, methods, and tips for playing your music with an audience.

Preparing for a Singing Contest? You’re probably thinking, what do I need to do to be totally ready to compete and win? First, you want to ask yourself: What type of contest is it? Are you going to be judged on your popularity or on the quality of your singing? If it’s a popularity contest, bring lots of friends.

Studied music theory and initial practice, I’m going to look at bringing a song up to a polished condition and performance worthy.

Approaching the Piano or keyboard. Some teach that the high wrist and holding your hands up is the way to start however, others believe that a relaxed light resting of the hands at the keyboard is the way to go. Here’s a couple of ideas to help you explore your approach.

The approach and attack one applies to the striking the keys on the piano can make all the difference in the world to the sound that is produced.

Musical Masters have spend thousands of hours achieving their success, and with the 10,000 rule all that have made it that far have become masters. What does that mean to you…

There is a phenomenon that occurs when learning music that takes place over time. The excitement of the new beginner is fantastic and then slowly as one learns more and more and hears others play the fear of performing for others starts to set in.

The question of finding my style or my music voice comes up eventually in learning music. There are as many answers to this as there are questions framed around the concept. I’m going to share my observations and experiments with you.

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