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Music performance techniques, methods, and tips for playing your music with an audience.

If you’re learning to play the guitar, you’ll be more than familiar with the utter frustration that it can provoke. Being able to play an instrument is a wonderful thing and more than worth the time, effort and cost that you’re bound to invest, but it’s also very hard work. It takes a lot of […]

Traditionally, transcription has been the preeminent, “go-to” way of becoming a great improviser, and one of the most effective ways of learning the language of music. There are undoubtedly many of the great living musicians and improvisers that have never done a transcription in their life, and there’s something pure about that. Though, for the […]

There was once a band, and the band wrote some of the most famous and best loved songs ever to grace the airwaves of British radio. The band was Queen, the songs included We Will Rock You and Radio Ga Ga, and they ruled the charts for more than a decade. Then there was a […]

This just in: people are still buying physical music scores and playing tunes on actual pianos. You heard it here first. They’re not downloading it (well, some are, but shhh) and playing it on their iPad, they’re actively opening a book, sitting down at a piano and getting stuck in. The world is in shock. […]

Every singer needs good breath control, right? But what IS breath control? And what does it mean to sing from the diaphragm? To begin with, you can NOT literally sing from the diaphragm because it’s an involuntary muscle that you can’t contract consciously. However, the diaphragm is analogous to holding a full balloon in between […]

Good, supported breathing is critical for polished singing. Proper breathing is crucial for maintaining good tone and pitch in singing, and is vital in following marked dynamics and phrasing.

As was mentioned briefly in the previous article, the tone of your voice can determine your success or failure in not only an audition but in your entire singing career. Tone is the quality of your vocal production, and, in general, can be explained on a spectrum from bright to dark. When you think bright, […]

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