Learning Music Effectively is About Your Mindset

The Learning Music Category covers general philosophy on learning music and teaching skills. It’s about the ideas and of how to learn and techniques you can implement.

Reading chapter 4 of Effortless Mastery is about limited goals and getting beyond them. Really I see two sets of goals. The first of which is the ultimate goal of why you play. The second is that of practice. Two different objectives..

How many times have you heard “I wish I’d never quit my (piano, guitar, trumpet, cello) lessons from folks that might have heard you play or hear someone else play? There are lots of reasons that many young students quit lessons, but one that Kenny Werner expounded on has me very intrigued this week.

Can education system be the problem with learning to play an instrument? The answer will only be given in what ever situation you are in now and what approach is taken with the study of music.

One of the most difficult concepts to master in learning music is the practice time. Playing 1 to 8 hours can be the allusive goal. However, taking just 5 minutes of music practice may be the better approach. Try this approach I’ve learned to improve your chances of success…

In Effortless Mastery, Kenny Werner describes his story of growing up in Manhattan and his school, television, lack of attention, and playing piano. He describes the dysfunctional life and learning that took place. [asa]B001QJR8KY[/asa] This got me to thinking about some of my experiences when I was learning and practicing music. There are many distractions, […]

I’ve taken the steps from applied music theory, implemented practice method, and polishing for performance, now for the critique.

Kenny Werner Workshop and concert was a great opportunity to revisit the playing vs practicing concept and to reestablish a mindset of learning music. Every musician should pick up this book. Having sat in on the live workshop and program has given me new motivation and causing me to think about the study and art of music playing again.

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