Learning Music Effectively is About Your Mindset

The Learning Music Category covers general philosophy on learning music and teaching skills. It’s about the ideas and of how to learn and techniques you can implement.

Learning music five times faster is about learning how to learn and putting known methods into practice, pun intended.

An idea about taking a short break, clearing the mind, and refocusing your energy. It’s called a reboot.

When learning music, one of the biggest issues is how you retain what you learn. This isn’t the memorization issue; it’s about understanding and retaining the principles and rules used to define music and other studies.

The question of finding my style or my music voice comes up eventually in learning music. There are as many answers to this as there are questions framed around the concept. I’m going to share my observations and experiments with you.

Beginning students want to quickly sight read for rhythm and note combination on music scores. However, it takes a little time to get the pieces together to achieve this skill. Two Approaches There are a couple of approaches to getting this skill mastered. One is to have a mentor show you how this is done […]

I’m not going to go into a long dissertation on this, but the bottom line is that music is an optional vocation. Music is an extra, a gift of leisure if you will. It’s totally a voluntary effort. That’s why it takes effort to engage and learn music. It’s easy to put off practicing and learning, because there are no real consequences.

A most profound statement. A quote from Kenny Werner in Effortless Mastery – “When you approach your instrument, no matter what lofty goals you say you have, wanting to sound good will predominate and render you impotent.” This statement is obvious in it’s intent to convey how a mindset may be self destructive. I have personally experienced this so many times that when I reread this, it was like being smacked upside the head.

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