Learning Music Effectively is About Your Mindset

The Learning Music Category covers general philosophy on learning music and teaching skills. It’s about the ideas and of how to learn and techniques you can implement.

There are five main aspects of singing which, if done correctly, will set you above the rest of the competition. These five singing devices are: diction, tone, breathing, dynamics and emotion.

As someone with experience in music myself, I know a lot of people who have tried to break into the music scene. Some have made great strides toward earning a record deal, or performing at some seriously impressive venues during their careers. While I haven’t known people to achieve Madonna-like levels of fame, there is […]

A 3 part series on Why Music Education is Changing – Part 3 of 3 How You Can Thrive in the New Paradigm Right now, millions of young people are genuinely excited about learning music as an opportunity for enjoyment and personal growth. They see music as a way to “develop their creative side” and […]

A 3 part series on Why music Education is Changing – Part 2 of 3 Our entire world has changed. For the vast majority of young music students, earning a salary is the farthest thing from their minds. Today’s music student is not a humble employee hoping to sell his services to wealthy audiences for […]

A 3 part series on Why music Education is Changing – Part 1 of 3 This series of articles talks about the needs and desires of today’s music student, which are entirely different from the needs that our music education system was designed to satisfy. This fundamental disconnect is already causing profound changes, and these […]

Performing Holiday music has always been an issue for me. It seems that I wait until it’s almost to late to learn a song and polish it up for big get together. This year is no exception. I’ve been playing around with more improvisation that anything else. I’ll likely try to share some of those […]

Most people assume that only a musical genius could listen to a piece of music and instantly know how to play it in any key. In this article David Reed explains that this “genius” is available to all of us.

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