Learning Music Effectively is About Your Mindset

The Learning Music Category covers general philosophy on learning music and teaching skills. It’s about the ideas and of how to learn and techniques you can implement.

Jazz is a wonderful genre of music that has enthralled music lovers for decades. But they remain an enigma for the beginners. Hardly a beginner has been able to produce that soulful music of the great masters like Herbie Hancock and Charles Parker without some considerable effort and of course some efficient guidance. Given below […]

Every singer needs good breath control, right? But what IS breath control? And what does it mean to sing from the diaphragm? To begin with, you can NOT literally sing from the diaphragm because it’s an involuntary muscle that you can’t contract consciously. However, the diaphragm is analogous to holding a full balloon in between […]

While it is true that not everybody has the talent to play various musical instruments, people who have the passion about creating music but have insufficient talent can hone their skills if they decide to have private lessons with people who breathe the ways of playing musical instruments impressively. One needs to take music lessons […]

Good, supported breathing is critical for polished singing. Proper breathing is crucial for maintaining good tone and pitch in singing, and is vital in following marked dynamics and phrasing.

I am a strong believer that almost anyone can learn how to play acoustic guitar as long as they are willing to put some time into it. From my experience as a guitar player I’ve noticed that most people that never quite make it are the ones that give up within the first two months, […]

As you study and learn music there comes a time that you cross the tipping point. That is, all of a sudden you find yourself playing or grasping a concept with ease. I have recently observed this happening with my daughter’s playing of the piano. Over the last several months I would be in my […]

As was mentioned briefly in the previous article, the tone of your voice can determine your success or failure in not only an audition but in your entire singing career. Tone is the quality of your vocal production, and, in general, can be explained on a spectrum from bright to dark. When you think bright, […]

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