Speicifc Ideas on Learning Instruments

The Learning Instruments posts are thoughts on learning instruments and resources which may specifically help you with your music skill.

A continuation of 1-5… Enjoy! 6. Play with people! As obvious as this may be, for many, it may not be so… Many musicians are more than comfortable playing solo at home for ourselves, or our friends and family, but it is totally different when you play with another person (or a whole band). So […]

In every musicians development, regardless of experience, level of playing, style, or age, there is always more to learn and ways to improve.Many of us (if not all), at some point can get into a rut, or get creatively stifled. Whether or not you find your self in that situation, or just want to get […]

I am a strong believer that almost anyone can learn how to play acoustic guitar as long as they are willing to put some time into it. From my experience as a guitar player I’ve noticed that most people that never quite make it are the ones that give up within the first two months, […]

Practicing music is vital to becoming an expert or a least enjoying what music has to offer, however, you may not hove 4 or 5 hours a day to practice music. In order to get the most out of your practice sessions you need to think efficiency. By doing this you will eliminate wasted time. […]

I’ve heard folks say: “How hard can it be to play one note lines on the bass?” Of course none of these people have every tried to play the bass guitar. Recently there have been a couple of questions come in to me about learning how to play the bass and how important is it to know music theory.

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