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The Learning Instruments posts are thoughts on learning instruments and resources which may specifically help you with your music skill.

Since decades, musical instruments have played a pivotal role in bringing immense joy to both spectators and the musician. Piano is among the many instruments that helps elate your spirits. Whether it’s an evening in solitude, getting romantic with your partner by playing a sweet number on the piano or just amusing guests who have […]

Legato is a term that you will hear a lot once you start getting into lead guitar playing, but what exactly does it mean? Well, it literally means ‘tied together’ and it indicates that notes should be played smoothly, with no gap or silence between them, so that one note leads directly onto the next. […]

Finding the ideal piano teacher can be a difficult process. The relationship between a piano instructor and student, like any other relationship, centers on how well the two personalities interact and understand each other. Sometimes people lose interest in learning piano because their instructor is not the right fit for them. However, those who are […]

Many people think playing guitar is really cool and also believe it is a great way to attract the ladies and being honest it is an attraction. Playing guitar or any instrument well is an amazing skill to have and many of us can only marvel at the ability of the worlds greatest guitar players. […]

Gospel piano has such a rich flavor!  It exudes a spiritual emotion that, quite literally, stirs one’s soul with feelings of elation, spiritual conviction and praise.  Learning how to play gospel piano requires an understanding of the unique elements that set gospel music apart from all other genres.    There are certain Gospel chord progressions that […]

There is something special and unique about being able to acquire a new skill or achieve something yourself from scratch.  Becoming a self-made millionaire, building your own business, or being a self-trained sportsperson are all things that will make you stand out as elite against many other people. Becoming a self-taught musician is another attractive […]

 Lyrical and bouncy; sharp and mellow; sweet, plaintive and joyous: Strings can beautifully convey each of these, and this is why they are the heart of any orchestra. In the hands of a master performer, a stringed instrument can make you giggle one minute and weep the next. The flexibility and range of these instruments […]

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