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Bob Gillis is a mentor, teacher of my daughter, and a great musician. Bob focuses on jazz piano/keyboard and trumpet as well as other horns.

Getting Sheet Music is fairly easy today on the web, however, some sites stand out as better than others. Virtual Sheet Music is one I recommend.

As I look back on my efforts with this blog, I’m a little disappointed in that I have not received a great deal of feedback or commentary. It appears that there is really only a few that are interested in these subjects. Although the ezine list is hovering around the 300 subscribers area only about 15 to 20% are taking time to click through and read or scan the posts.

New monthly music course covers the fundamental principles of music for the beginning to intermediate student. Fixed term, low monthly subscription and you will master music theory in under a year…

A few thoughts and traveling and listening to music or study as you make the trip.

The intent of the Music Learning Workshop and Blog is to provide music theory to help others learn music faster and with more understanding.

Music Learning Workshop Blog Introduction an extension of the main site. Learn about music theory, learning music, and resources available to the music student.

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