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Where to hold a music event So you have decided to host a live music event? Undoubtedly you will have some decisions to make about the type of venue to choose. Your budget will also impact on the venue as will the act. If you are booking a local act with a reasonable following then […]

 If you are planning an event such as a wedding or corporate event then the entertainment will be high on your list of priorities. Getting it right could be the key to a successful event – get it wrong and it could be a disaster! So when considering the entertainment how can you ensure you […]

Why join the Musicians Union? Most musicians have heard of the Musicians Union but what are the benefits? If you are professional musicians then you should definitely become a member. Even if you are an amateur musician who performs part time then you should still consider joining. The Musicians Union was set up to protect […]

If you are putting on your own live music event with a function band you will inevitably come across deciding how best to promote it. If you have a financial stake in the event then promoting it will be high on your list of priorities. You will need people to buy tickets so getting it […]

Approaching Music Agents The marketplace for gigging musicians has always been fierce but never more so than in 2011. A simple search on the internet will reveal hundreds if not thousands of wedding bands, function bands, tribute bands all looking for gigs. Therefore if you are serious about a career in music then finding an […]

How to get local gigs So you have been rehearsing hard and are looking to make your way in the music industry as a professional band. Where to start? Becoming a proficient musician is all about working your way up. Some of the biggest stars have spent years developing their talent and learning the trade. […]

Tribute bands are more popular than ever, especially those who pay tribute to acts who are no longer with us. One act however has always been at the top of the tribute act list – Elvis Presley. Some good and some bad Elvis impersonators keep the dream alive and it’s happening across the board. There […]

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