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Copyright and protecting your musical creations takes on two aspects which makes it difficult to earn value for your effort or to expose your talents to the masses. In the digital age there are so many workarounds to coping and sharing your materials whether they be print, audio or movies. Although the publishers have done […]

Learning a language involves many steps and levels. One can learn a language for various purposes. For example, one may just want to speak a language, certain others may want to write it too. One of the first steps of learning a language can be identifying where a word ends and where the next one […]

Whether you love belting your favorite song from the top of your lungs or you prefer to stand in the back and shred on your guitar, the idea of turning a passion of music into a career is the dream of many people. And while we are all familiar with plenty of bands, whether they […]

Hunting for some ultimate gifting ideas for a music lover’s birthday? Not a problem. Right from gadgets to accessories to clothing and what not, there are literally tons and tons of exciting ideas when it comes to selecting a gift for the music enthusiasts in your life. What follows is a list of four interesting […]

Is there a way to prevent crime through music? It may sound a bit too idealistic and even overly naive to most people. However, it may surprise you that established programs have shown that introducing music to the lives of underprivileged youth have turned many children towards achieving a goal, mastering a musical instrument, and […]

There are certain personality traits that you must have if you are going to make it as a top instrumentalist. The chance of making it big are slim nowadays, simply due to the market saturation and lack of desire for a pure instrumentalist. Obviously if you are in a band then you stand a decent […]

If you have recently acquired a piano then you’ll be excited about the prospect of your house being filled with music. No house should be without a piano in the lounge – they are great for children to learn on and provide much entertainment at parties. They are pretty easy to care for as long […]

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