Most forms of writing, particularly in the arts, require or at least make use of some inspiration.  Some of the greatest songs are emotion-driven works that transform the inspiration of a feeling into heartfelt words that speak to millions.  Many new songwriters are surprised to learn that the words don’t always come easy and sometimes […]

While it is true that not everybody has the talent to play various musical instruments, people who have the passion about creating music but have insufficient talent can hone their skills if they decide to have private lessons with people who breathe the ways of playing musical instruments impressively. One needs to take music lessons […]

Most people are introduced to a stopwatch as a way to track time spent doing drills for sports or exercise, but you can also time drills when you are learning to play an instrument. A stopwatch can be used for tracking the entire time you spend practicing each day as well as the time you […]

In recent times, I got some interesting questions on music sightreading techniques and the blend it delivers for enhancing better music learning and playing. Here, I will be sharing some of the key notes of music sightreading with you all. Practicing or rehearsing on the sheet music for an orchestra, band, or a solo performance […]

Thinking about introducing a new piece of music? In teaching you often have an agenda or are helping a student learn a piece that he or she has requested. New pieces are great ways to teach new concepts, but you need to be careful and avoid introducing too much at once. Guest Blogger Maria Rainier explains.

As music teachers, most of us have had to start from scratch with new students, teaching note names, grand staff navigation, line and space patterns, and the connections between notation and sound.

Writing Music is a dream of many musicians, Guest Author and Composer-Teacher, Bob Reno talks to us about writing music and music theory. Read more…

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