You do not have to travel too far from your home to notice that the language you are hearing spoken has changed slightly from what you are used to. It might be that some words are pronounced slightly differently or there are different, colloquial words being used that you don’t recognise, yet you should still […]

Every guitarist knows that no matter how talented he or she is, there isn’t much they can do if they don’t have a high-quality axe. There have been a number of different guitars used by the greatest guitarists in the world. Here we highlight 3 of the most iconic guitars in rock and roll history […]

Christmas will be here quicker than you think and that means it’s a good idea to get a jump on your shopping now. Gift shopping can be pretty easy if you’re working off an exact list but if you’re making your choices from scratch it can become a pretty intimidating proposition. If you have a […]

Mastering the art of playing an instrument takes time and commitment. Despite what anyone tells you, the only way to get there is to practice regularly and dedicate yourself to a bit of good old hard work. Many people who are new to playing guitar struggle with their practice routines and usually this is down […]

The advantages of taking your guitar lessons online rather than in private are huge. They are much more affordable, work with your time and schedule and you can learn any type of guitar and music. The stress may come when you begin the search of choosing the online service that is right for you. There […]

Musicians can be a difficult bunch to shop for, mainly because those buying the gifts oftentimes don’t share the same in-depth knowledge of instruments and gear the musician does. But even those who have never picked up a guitar or set up a mic stand should be able to find a great gift for those […]

There was once a band, and the band wrote some of the most famous and best loved songs ever to grace the airwaves of British radio. The band was Queen, the songs included We Will Rock You and Radio Ga Ga, and they ruled the charts for more than a decade. Then there was a […]

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