Any sincere and talented guitarist will tell you that if you pick that instrument with the sole intention of looking cool, you’re never quite going to make the cut. Dedication, sincerity, creativity and the willingness to endure pain for the greater good are the qualities that separate the masters from the wannabes. That and five […]

Lovers of classical music often lament the apparent decline of classical music appreciation in today’s generation. With concert attendance plummeting, classical radio stations shifting to different formats, and orchestras struggling due to budget cuts and lack of support, one can’t help but fear what the future holds for the good, old Verdi, Bach, Chopin, Liszt, […]

If you play music, you make mistakes. Guaranteed. I know because I’ve studied singing for twenty-plus years. I also know singers who weren’t given the right guidance about how to productively deal with mistakes and gave up in frustration and discouragement. No matter what instrument you play, I’m writing this post to help you make […]

Throughout history there have been numerous examples of family bands: bands that are composed entirely of family members. You will find that there have been bands composed of a husband, wife, and children. You will find that there have been bands composed exclusively of a husband and wife couple. You will find that there have […]

Whether it’s a kid who’s involved in a lot of high school sports and extra-curricular activities, or a liberal arts college that requires a wide range of general education classes, our society’s educational philosophy is one that promotes and often requires a high level of diversity. The idea is that through exposure to a variety […]

A way that music can enhance your health that you may never have thought about before is found within being mindful of the dynamics instructions (written in Italian) written into “classical” music scores. In the score, these specific commands tell the performer(s) about nuances to tone or tempo that they are to include when playing […]

Music has been something that has inspired people for more than 2000 years. There are deep levels of science involved in the mechanics of why this is true, and there are even some levels of spiritual emphasis. There is no doubt that everyone has at least once felt the magic that is possible when just […]

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