Is there a way to prevent crime through music? It may sound a bit too idealistic and even overly naive to most people. However, it may surprise you that established programs have shown that introducing music to the lives of underprivileged youth have turned many children towards achieving a goal, mastering a musical instrument, and […]

There are certain personality traits that you must have if you are going to make it as a top instrumentalist. The chance of making it big are slim nowadays, simply due to the market saturation and lack of desire for a pure instrumentalist. Obviously if you are in a band then you stand a decent […]

As a big music fan, I hugely adore the feeling of going to a live concert. There’s definitely nothing quite like it! The noise filled lighted arena, the stars and other hardcore fans sharing the moments with you. Now if only it would be easier to get tickets in every concert then the experience would […]

Many people think playing guitar is really cool and also believe it is a great way to attract the ladies and being honest it is an attraction. Playing guitar or any instrument well is an amazing skill to have and many of us can only marvel at the ability of the worlds greatest guitar players. […]

When it comes to music, a quality pair of headphones is one of the first things an aspiring artist should invest on. Forget about those cheap made headphones; instead invest on the best one. Earbuds and cheap, flimsy headphones may work fine for personal use while jogging or cleaning the house, but when going into […]

If you’re learning to play the guitar, you’ll be more than familiar with the utter frustration that it can provoke. Being able to play an instrument is a wonderful thing and more than worth the time, effort and cost that you’re bound to invest, but it’s also very hard work. It takes a lot of […]

If you have recently acquired a piano then you’ll be excited about the prospect of your house being filled with music. No house should be without a piano in the lounge – they are great for children to learn on and provide much entertainment at parties. They are pretty easy to care for as long […]

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