In music trying to modulate from one point or chord to another or from one key to another is simply stated as a progression through chords to arrive at the desired location. Easier said than done for those of us that haven’t taken the time to understand or study the concept. There are numerous ways […]

Music theory skills book the “Materials of Music” to teach music concepts with tested and proven material used in the classroom over several years.

Music students getting back to music ask serious questions about learning music, here are a few ideas to help explore those questions.

Studied music theory and initial practice, I’m going to look at bringing a song up to a polished condition and performance worthy.

Now that I understand the structure and flow of the song I need to move into stage two and that is to connect all the pieces or my practice chunks of the song.

Today, an example of how applied music theory, in practice, pays off. In three weeks I’ll be performing for my father’s 80th birthday. Of course I’d pull out a couple of songs that I am very proficient in playing to see if they fit the mark. But then I have been thrown a curve ball!

When playing arpeggios I find this is the first place I lose my dexterity and skill when I don’t take the time to keep up on them. Here a couple of techniques to improve your practice.

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