I think music concepts should be taught first as a big picture, then drilled down to build back up. Wouldn’t it be better if you found one trial that lead to the next to the next and got you to the top of that music mountain, where you see everything?

Recently I got some very difficult questions on learning music and it was hard to give a direct answers. Today I’ll share a little of that with you. My impression is that the age of instant gratification is creating a frustration with the new generation of musicians that have yet to understand that music is a life long journey.

Bob Gillis is a mentor, teacher of my daughter, and a great musician. Bob focuses on jazz piano/keyboard and trumpet as well as other horns.

Here in the U.S. the school year is over and summer is here again, everyone is in break mode. It’s hard to keep wanting to practice or study anything as we get outside and enjoy the sun and fun.

The study of music theory allows you to put emotion into your playing. What a bold statement! Let me explain.

Music and passion and helping others realize there passion. On my path of finding what others do with music and learning. Benjamin Zander talks to us about our music passions and loving classical music. (21 minutes of fun)

Practicing music has two components that must be considered and dealt with if you are going to make progress here are two new articles on those subjects.

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