Music Theory Course is only offered digitally at this time. Printing costs are currently prohibitive to keep it economical. Potentially in future we can make it available hard copy.

Play Guitar quicker with an approach to both style and techniques as well as detailed music theory. New recommendation on getting up and playing your guitar quicker.

Learning and memorization of songs is part of the music students trials. Understanding structure and story telling can help this process along. Here’s a look at making it easier for you.

Major and Perfect Intervals are confusing students. Perfect Intervals are major intervals put not all major intervals are called perfect. They are based on the major Scale….

You need to take the time to understand principals of music in order to apply them to your objects of learning more songs. Taking your songs and learning them note by note is the sure way to a long drawn out process with negative return on invested time. Learning the principals and applying them to […]

Learning your music fast doesn’t mean speeding up the process, it’s slowing down in order to absorb the information and studying in a away that speeds learning.

It is not practice, it is rehearsal of music that makes the difference in performance ability. Why you need a new mindset.

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