Once you know the notes it becomes second nature and going back to the basic idea of notes to explain to the new student requires being able to get to the real basic ideas. Here is a general explanation or overview of the note concept. I find it to be a bit basic yet complicated to simplify the concept.

I’ve heard folks say: “How hard can it be to play one note lines on the bass?” Of course none of these people have every tried to play the bass guitar. Recently there have been a couple of questions come in to me about learning how to play the bass and how important is it to know music theory.

I’m struggling! It’s supposed to be the lazy days of summer. It is a time to be able to relax; and get into fun time of play and enjoying life. So why am I fraught with anxiety? The Trouble The news, the economy, the family, the job, and the effort to keep up on work […]

Music Theory Course is only offered digitally at this time. Printing costs are currently prohibitive to keep it economical. Potentially in future we can make it available hard copy.

Play Guitar quicker with an approach to both style and techniques as well as detailed music theory. New recommendation on getting up and playing your guitar quicker.

Learning and memorization of songs is part of the music students trials. Understanding structure and story telling can help this process along. Here’s a look at making it easier for you.

Major and Perfect Intervals are confusing students. Perfect Intervals are major intervals put not all major intervals are called perfect. They are based on the major Scale….

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